The Only Way Out is Through

The Only way Out is Through. This quote comes from a poem by Robert Frost. The actual line is “The best way out is always through,” from his poem A Servant to Servants. I like the The only  way out is through|0Aquote because it reminds me that we spend so much time not dealing with conflict or our feelings because we think it will be too difficult, too painful, or too scary. We expend so much time and energy avoiding things, and we always remain in the same place, only now, with an extra layer of anxiety weighing us down even further. The original problem is still there, and now we feel worse. What if we went into the difficulty, and worked our way through it? How would that feel? In a search for the origin of this quote, I found an album with the same title by Sarah Blacker.  Alanis Morissette has a song “Out is Through” in which the chorus contains the entire line.

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