My Approach

How do people change? Research shows that the most important variable in therapy outcomes is the client-therapist relationship. I am a warm, compassionate person. I am a good listener and I connect easily with people. I also appreciate humor and expect that we will spend some time laughing together in our work. I consider it an honor and privilege to do this work.

We will work collaboratively to create options that may better serve you. I have a practical approach. In addition to looking at what isn’t working for you, we will spend time talking about what is working in your life and how to do more of those things.

I use an integrative approach that combines Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relational, and  Solution-Focused methods and techniques.  We will start with your strengths and work on building skills in the areas of negotiating distress, regulating emotions, solving problems, and improving interpersonal relationships.

Once you decide to contact me, and I hope you do, change will begin to happen. Please make note of any changes you experience from the time you email or call me to the time we meet. I am interested in hearing about your experience.