Kids Page


My name is Liz Hertz and I’m a counselor.  Have you ever heard of a counselor?  Do you know what a counselor does?

I meet with kids of all ages and we try to figure out things that are hard to understand. Maybe you have a hard time making friends. Maybe your parents just got divorced and you have to live in two different places. Maybe you feel mad all the time. Or you might worry about things a lot. Or you fight all the time with your brother or sister. Or you have a lot of tantrums that last for a long time. These are some examples of things that we can think about in counseling. It’s kind of like you’re a detective using clues from your own life to figure out some answers.

Sometimes we’ll talk, read stories, draw, and we’ll definitely play games. I hope I get to meet you and see how we can make things better.