Counseling for Kids

I help children who struggle with self-control find new ways to deal with difficult feelings so there can be more harmony at home, better performance at school and improved confidence in making and keeping friends.

My goal is to develop a relationship with children, and through the relationship, provide a safe space to explore whatever is important to them; whatever will help them be more comfortable, enhance their self esteem, and be more effective in their everyday lives. I also like to help kids see that they may have other options or choices for their behavior. We will look for new ways to deal with their challenges in the areas of:

  • Emotion regulation
  • ADHD
  • Divorce
  • Death/Traumatic events
  • Social skills
  • Competiveness and perfectionism

I work with younger children using sand tray and play therapy. We will explore their relationships at school, with family, and with friends.

The work with older children and adolescents focuses on the monumental stresses in their lives as they enter a period of growth accompanied by more freedom and choices. How do they figure out if they are a child or an adult?

My work with children is deeply moving and rewarding.

For ideas on how to introduce the subject of counseling to kids, see my Kids Page written for children describing What is Counseling?