Anxiety and Depression

In my Berkeley counseling office, we’ll think about anxiety and depression in different ways. You don’t have to keep suffering from  their debilitating effects.

  • Do you constantly worry about things in your life? Do you have that inner, critical voice always running in your head?
  • Does your depression feel like a weight that you carry around with you everyday?
  • How long have depression or anxiety been influencing you? What impact do they have on your life?
  • I want to know about the times when anxiety and depression haven’t had the upper hand. What was that like?

By putting some distance between you and your worry or depression, without self-blame or judgment, we can begin to consider alternative explanations and strategies to lessen their effects. We will be building a different relationship to these problems. Counseling can help you manage your anxiety and depression and ease their grip. It is possible to change your automatic negative default settings. We’ll look at practical strategies and activities that will help you change your habits and replace them with new ones that produce a greater sense of calm, well-being, and positivity in your life.